PF is organised by the student councils that nominate representatives for PFs upper body called the Joint Council (Fællesrådet). The Joint Council selects a Board (PF's Bestyrelse), which is responsible for the daily operations of the association. Moreover, PF also includes a number of councils and committees with different functions.

No matter where you want to get involved in the association, we guarantee a broad network across study lines and years, fun challenges and the opportunity to leave your own mark on the association.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to stop by the Board Office for a chat about how you can get started as a volunteer in the association. They are based behind S-Huset in Lyngby.

If you are already an active part of the association, remember to go in and follow PF Active on Facebook, where we regularly send messages to our volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

Do you want to be an active part of PF? Regardless of whether you are mostly into creating great events, setting up lights and sound for our concerts, arranging trips, participating in club activities, setting the political agenda for the association or helping to improve the educations, PF has something for you!

Our association is really big and has many different parts that do very different things:


Student councils and organizations

A good place to start is in your student council. Here you meet people from your own direction across years, and you can hear about everything that goes on in PF and at DTU in general.

The Event Committee

If you want to help devise or run events, then you must join our Event Committee. We have a Facebook group where we post if we need help with events. You can also contact if you have ideas for new events and you can see our calendar for the events we are already doing.

The Study Start

If you want to help start your studies at DTU, you can either become a vector or KABS at the start of your bachelor's studies, or a buddy or Master Student Coordinator at the start of your master's studies.

Political Group

The association's political positions are set by the Political Group. Here, you can come and talk about the DTU students' position on topics such as climate, SU, internationalization etc.

The Academic Committee

If you are more into discussions about the academics of your studies, then the Academic Committee is for you.

The Sociopolitical Committee

If you want to be part of the discussions we have about the study environment and student welfare at DTU, you must be part of the Sociopolitical Committee.


CREW are the ones responsible for setting up the stage, sound and lighting for our concerts and large events. You are always welcome regardless of your background and experience.


In S-Huset, we always need new employees, both for Kaffestuen, S-Huset in Ballerup, Kælderbaren and Verners Kælder - so if you want a nice student job on campus, just contact us.


PF has a large number of clubs that you can become part of - and you can also start your own if your hobby is not represented in one of the current clubs.

Last updated: December 4, 2022