The Social Committee

The Social Committee represents PF socially. This is mainly done in two ways:


The Social Committee coordinates a range of events - all with the aim of making the life as a DTU student more fun. Some of the events such as the Fun Run, the PF Party, PF Half Marathon, PF Football Tournament and Biketown Showdown are shown below.

Student environment and living conditions

A good student environment is important for at good studying life. It is a place where you want to spend your time, be it for studying or for a beer with your friends. DTU is often in situations where they want input from the students - about how to furnish new buildings or how the food in the canteen should be for example. This is where the Social Committee is often asked due to their wide knowledge about the life on campus.
PF makes sure that the students are heard, and the Social Committee also works with the student living conditions. This is done in groups, where topics such as lack of student housing, student grants or stressed students. The Committee also plays a part when students' living conditions are discussed on a national plan with the Danish Students' Association.

Am I allowed to live here?
Last updated: October 31, 2018