PF Ceramics

Here you can design your own cup, make a teapot for the dorm kitchen or model a nymphe. Only your imagination is the limit. You can work with different techniques in stoneware clay. The club has all the tools and equipment you need, like clay, turning-discs, gypsum-molds, glazings and an oven. There are no classes, but new students are helped along by the more experienced members. 

Besides the club-evenings, we also have a yearly Raku-burning and attend the occasionally gallery show. 

The club is located next to the cellar-bar. Club evening is every Tuesday from 7 PM, but the facilities are always open for members as long asS-Huset is open. The club evening is the gathering point for the members where members meet and exchange experiences. You are welcome to contact a board member for more information. You can also just show up at club evening Tuesdays at 7 PM.  

The price for a semester is 150kr, for students (Non-students 250kr) or 300kr (non-students 500kr) for an entire year.

Meet us: Tuesday evening at 7 PM in the basement under S-Huset Lyngby

Last updated: August 22, 2019