PF Ceramics

Here you can design your own cup, make a teapot for the dorm kitchen or model a nymphe. Only your imagination is the limit. You can work with different techniques in stoneware clay. The club has all the tools and equipment you need, like clay, turning-discs, gypsum-molds, glazings and an oven. There are no classes, but new students are helped along by the more experienced members. 

Besides the club-evenings, we also have a yearly Raku-burning and attend the occasionally gallery show. 

The club is located next to the cellar-bar. Club evening is every Wednesday from 7 PM, but the facilities are always open for members as long as S-Huset is open. The club evening is the gathering point for the members where members meet and exchange experiences. You are welcome to contact a board member for more information. You can also just show up at club evening Wednesday at 7 PM.  

The price for a semester (6 month) is 150kr, for students and 250kr for Non-students.

OBS! Because of the COVID-19 restrictions only 11 people are allowed to be in the club at the same time and there must a distance of 1 meter between each other. We are asking our current members and coming members to adhere to these rules. You can read mor about it on our facebook group “PF keramik klub under “announcement”.

Futhermore, at the present time we have received so many new inquiries that we would like to ask the existing members to go home on Wednesday at 19:00 to allow for the new members to be signed in while adhering to the COVID-19 restriction of 11 people in the club at the same time. Moreover, we are asking our new members to NOT to come spontaneously, without having firstly, joined our Facebook group “PF keramik klub and secondly, filled out this form:

Facebook Group:

Last updated: September 4, 2020