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BØF is an acronym for “Bioteknik, Økonomi & Fødevare” in Danish. In English it means “Bio Engineering, Economy and Food”. The student council is a council at DTU, and covers the BEng programmes: “Chemical and Bio Engineering”, “Chemical Engineering and International Business” and “Food Safety and Quality”.

The BØF student council consists of students from the represented study lines across the study years, who have the desire and interest to make a difference for the study lines. During the meetings we will discuss and talk about quality control of courses, study environment etc. The council has representantatives from other study commitees. They bring discussions and decisions back to the student council. The council has representantives from The Academic Commitee, The Sociopolitical Commitee, The Study Line Commitee, Study Board and The Joint Council.

This study council has a close partnership with the study start (KABS and vectors), in which the cabin trip is planned for the relavent study lines, as well as academic and social events. The students have the opportunity to meet other students across the years and study lines. This enables the students to expand their network and exchange experiences with each other.

The council meetings is held once a month. We usually eat dinner together, before the meeting. There are no meetings during the exam period and the vacations. If it sounds interesting, come and join!

Chairman 2020-2021:
Bao Ngoc Vu, s174893@student.dtu.dk

Vice Chairman 2020-2021:
Jonathan Madsen, jonathan_madsen@hotmail.com

Finance Responsible 2020-2021:
Frederik Høfler-Simonsen, frederikhoefler@gmail.com


Meeting summons

Everyone are welcome to join a meeting. Currently all of our constituted members of the council speaks Danish, so please let us know if you do not speak Danish and wants to join a meeting. You are welcome to contact the Chairman or the Vice Chairman. We will translate the agenda to English and let you know when the next meeting is.

Last updated: July 21, 2022