University Election

Each year PF nominate people for the Board of DTU, Academic Council, and the institutes’ Study Boards, ISN. In these committees, our representatives work for every students’ cause, whether it is improvement of a specific course, all the way up to the overall strategy for DTU.

As it is with so many other elections, then it is important to support the democracy and show that we want student influence. This is done by voting!

The candidates for PF are elected in The Joint Council, where all our Student Councils have representatives. The candidates is therefore elected by more than 500 students from all study lines at DTU.
Specially the candidates for the Board of Governors and the Academic Council, there are high expectations for, and it is often students that already has done a lot of work for students at DTU.

PF’s candidates also have a very close contact to the rest of PF, which means that we through the year have a lot of influence on their work. If we get any information about problems, we can also take them to the place where something can be done about it.

PF gives a voice to the students, all you have to do is to give your vote to us!

University elections 2023

This year, the general election is on Tuesday 21 November at 9 to Thursday 23 November at 15. You can vote at You just have to choose DTU, log in with your DTU login and choose who you want to vote for.

You vote separately for the three bodies (DTU’s Board of Directors, Academic Council, and your own Institute Study Board, ISN). Your field of study is associated with an ISN, and this is what you can vote for, if you have not actively been in and associated yourself with another ISN.

If you have problems with how to vote, you are always welcome to contact us at If you have any questions about those listed, you can contact them on the contact information below.

PF’s candidate for DTU’s Board of Directors

Last updated: November 11, 2023