What is happening in PF? PF offers a range of events with many traditions involved. You can read more about those in the Annual Cycle. Below you can see a calendar with all events in PF.

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Annual Cycle

PF arranges many different events each year, and some have been taking place for many years. Here you can see a selection of these events. You can also check out the event calendar to make sure your calendar is updated with our upcoming events.


Skiing trip

Each year in the winter break around 700 DTU students travel to the Alps for at week of fun in the snow.

"New years"

The PF year starts in February, where new members join our councils and committees.

PF Revue

The PF Revue is held in March and it makes fun of the life as DTU students through singing, dancing and acting.

Queue Party

Ticket sale for the DTU Årsfest combined with a party.

DTU Årsfest

DTU and PF arranges the finest party of the year with speeches, awards and Les Lanciers.

Study start

Meet your new DTU-friends or help give the new students a warm welcome.

Late summer party

The party with all the tents! Each study programme has a specific theme, and the party continues until dawn.

Fun runs

Join the "serious" run (race) around DTU or the "unserious" fun run (barcrawl) just befor the autumn break.

Christmas Dinners

Most of the student councils hold Christmas dinners for their study lines.

Last updated: July 28, 2022