Architectural Engineering

The Student Council for BSc & MSc Architectural Engineering is one of the more recent councils at DTU. After being a part of the B.Sc. Civil Engineering Council, we started our own in 2012. In the last few years we have acquired a good number of members – a mix of new and experienced students. Today we are +25 constituted members with our president Magnus H. Andreasson and vice president Lasse V. Friis. The Council’s main focus is on the social and academic conditions for the students in our programme, at both bachelor and master level – as well as we prioritize to network internally.

During the year, we offer both relevant academic and social events. We have been successful with Course Dating, which is held twice a year. At Course Dating you meet students and / or coordinators and get inspiration on how to design your programme. In addition, we have held a tour of DTU’s buildings and tunnels and an excursion to the Axel Towers. For social events we have a traditional internal “christmas lunch”, an annual Easter lunch in Copenhagen, a candidate cabin trip, a Civil-Architectural Party in june and the PF Late Summer Party.

We have two institutes affiliated with our council. We have been joining study boards of Department of Civil Engineering (DTU Byg) since 2012, and Department of Technology, Management & Economics since 2016.

The council meetings are once a month during study-related periods. The meetings are on different days of the week (except for tuesday), so everyone has the opportunity to participate. If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page: or by mail:

Our Facebookpage is regularly updated with important information, social- and academic events and the sign up for our meetings. Follow the page and stay updated!


Everybody is welcome to see how a C. Arch. Eng. meeting is held. We start at 18.00, but usually gather for dinner at 17.15. Talk to one of your council members, or contact us through the Facebookpage Civil BygDesign Rådet to sign up!

November: Wednesday the 27th of November i the meeting centre (B101) S06.

Christmas theme – everybody has to wear a “pixy hat”! Coordinator of the bachelor study start- og PF board-election!

January: Monday the 15th of Januar in Delta – combined meeting with B. Eng. Architectural Engineering.

February: Wednesday the 4th of February in Delta.

New and resigning Joint Council-members

Last updated: July 21, 2022