Contact S-Huset

The responsible for the Student House is PF’s Student House President. PF also has a Student House Manager responsible for many of the large tasks in the house.

Daniel Nymand Petersen Ph. 77 42 44 92 Responsibilities: The Student House (S-Huset) Joints (concerts) Annual Party Tuesday Talks

Erik Frydendahl Ph. 20 90 44 98 Responsibilities: Student House Manager

For more information about performing in S-Huset or becoming a volunteer, contact either PolyJoint Booking or the CREW Presidents.

PolyJoint Booking (live musik)
Adina Schwartzbach
Alexander Askøe Dahlmann Olsen
Daniel Nymand Petersen
Jesper "Pjuske" Bæk Nielsen
Anne "Nr. 9" Arendt Louring
Mathias "Sorte" Møller Raju Eisenreich
Nicolai Wejs Hansen

CREW Presidents
Lucas Gramme
Jens-Theodor Lundgreen Andersen

Last updated: May 7, 2019