Contact S-Huset

The responsible for S-Huset is PF’s S-Hus President. PF also has an S-Hus manager responsible for many of the large tasks in the house.

Christian Victor Brabrand Ph. 77 42 44 92 Responsibilities: The Student House (S-Huset) Joints (concerts) Annual Party Tuesday Talks

Erik Frydendahl Ph. 20 90 44 98 Responsibilities: Student House Manager

For more information about performing in S-Huset or becoming a volunteer, contact either PolyJoint Booking or the CREW chairpersons.

PolyJoint Booking (live musik)
Kjartan Kaas-Larsen
Adina Schwartzbach
Alexander Askøe Dahlmann Olsen
Jesper "Pjuske" Bæk Nielsen

CREW Chairs
Thomas Bjørn Kragelund
Emily Skovgaard Rasmussen

Last updated: September 26, 2018