Contact S-Huset

Responsible for the S-Huset is PF’s S-Huset President. PF also has a Manager of the S-Huset with responsibility for many of the major tasks in the house.

Martin Saxen
Tlf. 26 67 72 49

S-Hus President

Erik Frydendahl
Tlf. 20 90 44 98

S-Hus Manager

Stine Malene Kure

Tlf. 61 11 44 98

S-Huset Eventcoordinator

Magnus Clemmensen

PF Security

Do you want to hear about the opportunities to play in the S-Huset, or do you want to hear more about being a volunteer, then contact resp. PolyJoint Booking or CREW chairman.

PolyJoint Booking (Live Music)

  • Andreas Goltermann
  • Emma Thiesen
  • Frederik Peetz-Schou Larsen
  • Frederik Vejby Nielsen
  • Lasse Røhling Bisp
  • Jacob Marcussen

Indkører/Indrivers (Orders)


  • Karl Emil Bech Hansen
  • Theis Harbers Rix
  • Magnus Luther Søby
  • Thor Hesselsøe


  • Marie Mørk Søfeldt
  • Mie Winding Kristensen
  • Mikas Kaltoft
  • Oliver Springborg

CREW Chairpersons (Volunteers)

  • Mathias Herløv Lund
  • Maria Popescu

PR-Group (Promotion)

  • Julie Primdal Toft
  • Mette-Maya Siewertsen
  • Wolle Paciorek

Last updated: February 29, 2024