The Board

The board of Polyteknisk Forening acts as the daily management of the association. The board typically consists of seven to ten students and is elected for one year with accession in February.

Søren Anton Steffensen Kuhberg

President Ph. 77 42 44 90 Responsibilities: -Press -Annual Party -Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality -Ballerup Municipality -City of Knowledge (Development and Trade) -The Student-social foundation -Alumni -Partnerships

Andreas Goll Rossau

Vice President Ph. 77 42 44 91 Responsibilities: -National Union of Students in Denmark, The National Forum -Nordic5Tech -International Matters -Master Study Start -City of Knowledge (Internationalisation) -STEM Students -IAESTE -The People's Political Festival

Daniel Nymand Petersen

Student House President Ph. 77 42 44 92 Responsibilities: -The Student House (S-Huset) -Annual Party -Joints (concerts) -Tuesday Talks -Booking -CREW -Late Summer Party

Asta Trøjgaard Thogersen

Coordinator of Social Politics Ph. 77 42 44 93 Responsibilities: -President of the Social Committee -President of the Political Group -National Union of Students in Denmark, Welfare and Social Affairs Committee -PF Nomination Committee (PFIU) -Study Environment Task Force (SMAG) -Study Environment Committee (SMU) -Corporate Work Environmental Committee (KAMU) -Work Environmental Committee (AMU) -Student Housing

Lau Halkier Wandall

Coordinator of Academic Affairs Ph. 77 42 44 94 Responsibilities: -President of the Academic Committee -President of the Political Group -Study Boards -National Union of Students in Denmark, Educational Policy Committee -Academic Bodies -Green Challenge -Parliamentary Election

Marcus Fruelund Schmidt

Cheif Financial Officer Ph. 77 42 44 95 Responsibilities: -Economics -Human Resources -Accounting -Foundations

Emil Kristiansen

Coordinator of Association Assets Ph. 77 42 44 96 Responsibilities: -University Election -Library Forum -PF Clubs -Facilities and Surroundings -Joint Bar Committee (FFU) -The PF Archive

Kirstine Krøyer Rasmussen

Coordinator of Internal Matters and PR Ph. 77 42 44 97 Responsibilities: -Bachelor Study Start -Social Media and Campaigns -City of Knowledge (Communication) -Open House -Rusbogen (Introduction Booklet) -Wall of PF -Annual Report
Last updated: February 12, 2019