The Board

The board of Polyteknisk Forening acts as the daily management of the association. The board typically consists of seven to ten students and is elected for one year with accession in February.

Lars Holm

President Ph. 77 42 44 90 Responsibilities: Press Annual Party Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality Ballerup Municipality City of Knowledge The Student-social foundation Alumni

Adam Ørbæk Sommer

Vice President & Coordinator of Social Politics Ph. 77 42 44 91 Responsibilities: Chairmand of the Social Committee Chairman of the Political Group Student Housing Living Conditions Committee, DSF Study Enviroment Committee (SMU) Nominating Committee (PFIU)

Christian Victor Brabrand

Student House President Ph. 77 42 44 92 Responsibilities: The Student House (S-Huset) Joints (concerts) Annual Party Tuesday Talks

Simon Lundorf

Coordinator of Association Assets Ph. 77 42 44 93 Responsibilities: Boghandlen Coordination Committee Ballerup PF Clubs Facilities and Physical Surroundings Open House Fairs Study Environment Task Force (SMAG)

Tor Noema Nørgaard

Coordinator of Educational Politics Ph. 77 42 44 94 Responsibilities: Chairman of the Academic Council Chairman of the Political Group Study Boards Educational Policy Committee, DSF Nordic5Tech

Sarah Rurup Petersen

Cheif Financial Officer Ph. 77 42 44 95 Responsibilities: Economics Human Resources Accounting Foundations

Mikkel Ammentorp Storm

Coordinator of Collaborations and International Affairs Ph. 77 42 44 96 Responsibilities: International Affairs Collaborations Master Students Introduction Programme Nordic5Tech Campaigns City of Knowledge

Anna Sidse Dinesen Deleuran

Coordinator of Internal Affairs Ph. 77 42 44 97 Responsibilities: Social Media Archive Annual Report Wall of PF Exam Cafes Distribution of Study Cells

Thomas Thorning Røpke

Coordinator of Events and S-Huset Ph. 77 42 44 98 Responsibilities: The Friday Bar Commitee (FFU) Open House Events in S-Huset Sensommerfest (SSF) contact
Last updated: February 26, 2018