Accident insurance

Few people are aware, but as a DTU student you can actually get a very cheap accident insurance.

PF and DTU covers all DTU students in case of accidents, for free - as long it happens on DTU or in connection with a study-relevant trip. PF offers an upgrade to this insurance. Please notice that "dangerous sports" is not covered by the insurance. Read more in the "Insurance Terms" about what exactly is covered.

Less than 150 DKK PER YEAR!

For just 144,65 DKK per year, the insurance can be expanded to cover all of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, as well as trips around Europe. This gives you a full-time accident insurance, which can cover skiing accidents, falling from stairs or whatever might happen.

NB: This is not a travel insurance and therefore it does not cover repatriation (transportation home) or treatment abroad!

The insurance fully compares with other insurances, and the only “catch” is that you need to remember to pay every year, as the insurance expires each year on November 1st, no matter when you signed up. So if you buy accident insurance now, it is valid until 31 October 2024. After 1 November 2024, it will be possible to buy new accident insurance for the period 2024/25.

Remember to save the copy of payment from your bank the same day, you paid - as this is your only proof of buying the insurance.

Last updated: October 31, 2023