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Secretariat is reopened

The secretariat is open again for physical queries. It is open Monday to Thursday 8:30-14:30, and Friday from 8:30-14:00.

Polyteknisk Forening

Polyteknisk Forening is the student union at DTU and represents all DTU students. PF is run by the students for the students and strives to improve your studying years - academically, politically and socially.

PF app

In our app we have gathered a lot of information that are nice to have easy access to, for example our event calendar, Rusbogen, opening hours, and much more. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

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Club evenings, political meetings, fun runs and skiing trips. PF offers loads of great events you can attend. If you want to, you can also help with planning them! Take a look at our calendar and keep an eye on the notice boards.

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Concerts in S-Huset

S-Huset hosts the best parties and concerts - both small Friday Rock concerts and “Joints” where popular bands such as Magtens Korridorer, DJämes Braun, Dr. Bombay and Duné has played.

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Student councils

There is a student council for each study programme. The student councils meet about once a month and discuss, among other things, courses and organise social events for the programme. It is easy to join - just ask your council chairman or your vector.

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Your benefits

Being a PF member comes with a lot of benefits. As a member you will get a lot of opportunities to meet new friends and improve your network and skills. In addition we have a bunch of more specific benefits - including discounts and offers that will make your student life easier.

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