PFantasy Dôme!

At PFantasy Dôme we have an enormous collection of board games spanning from popular party games, like Secret Hitler, to more expansive games, such as Gaia’s project, and lots in between, all collected over many years. Our club also acts as PF’s gateway to the fantasy universe extending into the realm of tabletop role playing games like D&D and on initiative Magic the Gathering!

A bit of practical information:

When: Mondays at 17 o’clock, (Completely Optional).

Where: PFantasy Dômes boardgame room is located at PF-gangen (PF Hallway) above S-huset in building 101 (entrance 101E). We generally meet in the readinghall(læsesalen), which is located behind the glassdoors in S-huset.


Links to Facebook:

Link to Discord:

Try it out, join for free up to 3 times – After that you pay 50 DKK for a semester. All the money goes to buying more boardgames.

Whether you are new to board games and would like to socialize with friends and other members, or you are already well immersed in the world of board games, this club is for you! 

Last updated: April 22, 2024