From time to time you put money out for the association in connection with an event or the like. When you then need to get this money back, you fill in a expense sheet.

When you fill out expense sheet, it is important that your attachments are in order. This means that the receipt you receive must contain a unique voucher number/invoice number.

Seller's name, address and CVR no., the amount paid, and how much of this is VAT. The receipt must also show WHAT was purchased. An order confirmation is NOT the same as an invoice, even if it contains all the above information (and because it can subsequently be cancelled, it is not approved by SKAT). Avoid buying things outside the country's borders. If this is absolutely necessary, you must contact the secretariat during the time our bookkeeper is there before taking any action.

The above is particularly important to provide when placing the order for food. If the food is taken out, it must be stated that if a receipt with the above information is not handed in, no payment will be made for the food. If the food is ordered online, the recipient of the food must be Polyteknisk Forening, and the person ordering may listed as contact person.

DO NOT order from Just Eat online, because they do not forward an invoice/receipt that meets the requirements from SKAT.
If a receipt in accordance with the above requirements is not submitted, no refund of the outlay will be paid.

Expense Sheet

Last updated: July 21, 2022