Student Councils and Organizations

PF has a range of Student Councils representing one or more bachelor or master programs at DTU. The Student Councils meet once a month, and the meetings are open to all DTU students (with some confidential items). If you have any doubt about which student council represents you, please send an email to for more info.

As it may be difficult to navigate in all aberrations, gestures and councils a brochure was made to make it easier to you.

Master student councils

Geo- & Astrophysical Union of Space Students (GAUSS)

Earth and Space Physics | Remote Sensing | Wireless Engineering | Mapping and Navigation | Climate Monitoring

Chairperson,  Elisabet Anne Marie Hallström –

Vice-chairperson,  Francesco Nardo –

Vice-chairperson,  Hannah van Gemert –

Wind Energy Student Association (WESA)

Wind Energy | Sustainable Energy 

Chairperson,  Joshua Penrod Forrest –

Vice-chairperson,  Amay Boudellal –

Sustainable Energy Council (SEC)

Sustainable Energy (non-wind)

Chairperson,  Manuel Tobias Baumhof –

Vice-chairperson,  Lars Kristensen –

Turing Council

Computer Science and Engineering | Mathematical Modelling and Computing | Human Centered Artificial Intelligence 

Chairperson,  Eline Aarhus –

Vice-chairperson,  Sigurd Nielsen –

Management Student Council

English-speaking bachelor student councils

General Engineering

General Engineering 

Chairperson,  Michail Harmandjiev –

Vice-chairperson,  Nikolas Carreira Kaarsberg –

Vice-chairperson,  Anna Hjort Danielsen –

Environmental Council

Environmental Engineering

Chairperson,  Elena Victoria Lagard –

Vice-chairperson,  Hjalte Mateo Jensen –

Danish-speaking student councils


Sisimiut Campus | Arctic Civil Engineering | Fisheries Technology | The Arctic Semester 

Chairperson,  Alvilde Oksen –

Vice-chairperson,  Magnus Helleskov –

Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering

Chairperson,  Cecilie Fischer Jørgensen –

Vice-chairperson,  Anna Luna Svensson –

Vice-chairperson,  Simon Rosted Petersen –


Life Science Engineering

Chairperson,  Lasse Rene –

Vice-chairperson,  Jakob Frostholm Højgaard –


BEng Civil Engineering | Global Business Engineering

Chairperson,  Johan Rosenkrands –

Vice-chairperson,  Oliver Koch –


Food Safety and Quality | Food Safety and Quality | Chemical Engineering and International Business

Chairperson,  Jacob Hagen Pedersen –

Vice-chairperson,  Ea Quie Landgreen –

Chemistry Council

Chemistry and Technology

Chairperson,  Ditte Juhler-Nøttrup –

Vice-chairperson,  Tobias Bæk –

Civil Engineering

BSc Civil Engineering

Chairperson,  Matias Bødevadt Albretsen –

Vice-chairperson,  Marie Felmer Olsen –


Design and Innovation | Data Science and Management

Chairperson,  Jakob Høyer Madsen –

Vice-chairperson,  William Felix Sommer –


Electrical Energy Technology | Electrical Engineering | Computer Engineering | IT and Economics | Software Technology | Healthcare Technology

Chairperson,  Bertram Rasmus Kjaer –

Vice-chairperson,  Benedicte Manon Elgaard Jensen –


BEng Mechanical Engineering

Chairperson,  Nanna Rye Huss  –

Vice-chairperson,  Ida Marie H. Johansen –


Biomedical Engineering | Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling

Chairperson,  Frederik Peetz-Schou Larsen –

Vice-chairperson,  Sofie Skovgaard Larsen –

Vice-chairperson,  Robert Dunker Pedersen –

Nano-Space Alliance (NSA)

Physics and Nanotechnology | Earth and Space Physics and Engineering

FysNan Chairperson,  Sarah Vestergaard –

FysNan Vice-chairperson,  Thor Tane Schou Nielsen Deibert –

Space Chairperson,  Niels Boelt Mortensen –

Space Vice-chairperson,  Anton Friis Stengaard –


BSc Mechanical Engineering

Chairperson,  Frederik Vogt –

Vice-chairperson,  Mads Friis –


Mobility, Transport and Logistics | Process and Innovation | Manufacturing and Management

Chairperson,  Signe Staun –

Vice-chairperson,  Ida Zenia Enggaard Hansen –


Design of Sustainable Energy Systems | Cyber Technology | Electrical Engineering

Chairperson,  Mikkel Berrig Rasmussen –

Vice-chairperson,  Xandra Huryn  –


Artificial Intelligence and Data | Mathematics and Technology | Software Technology

KID Chairperson,  Nynne Maria Foldager Bække –

KID Vice-chairperson,  Julie Kofod Boel –

MatTek Chairperson,  Sofus Albert Høgsbro Rose –

MatTek Vice-chairperson,  Pernille Christie –

Software Chairperson,  Hans Henrik Hermansen –

Software Vice-chairperson,  Helena Tejs Knudsen –

Last updated: February 20, 2023