Student Councils and Organizations

PF has a range of Student Councils representing one or more bachelor or master programs at DTU. The Student Councils meet once a month, and the meetings are open to all DTU students (with some confidential items). If you have any doubt about which student council represents you, please send an email to for more info.

As it may be difficult to navigate in all aberrations, gestures and councils a brochure was made to make it easier to you.

Master student councils

Geo- & Astrophysical Union of Space Students (GAUSS)

Earth and Space Physics | Remote Sensing | Wireless Engineering | Mapping and Navigation | Climate Monitoring

Chairperson,  Juliane Bjørn Budde –

Vice-chairperson,  Astrid Lind Bouquin –

Management Student Council

Chairperson, Diba Sadat Afzali –

Vice-chairperson, Shubham Choudari –

Sustainable Energy Council (SEC)

Sustainable Energy (non-wind)

Chairperson,  Lars Kristensen –

Vice-chairperson,  Maria Mercedes Alais –

Turing Council

Computer Science and Engineering | Mathematical Modelling and Computing | Human Centered Artificial Intelligence 

Chairperson,  Andreas Lau Hansen –

Vice-chairperson,  Johannes Gade Gyldenkærne –

Wind Energy Student Association (WESA)

Wind Energy | Sustainable Energy 

Chairperson,  Anders Dan Hansen –

Vice-chairperson,  Makarand Jakhalekar –

English-speaking bachelor student councils

General Engineering

General Engineering 

Chairperson,  Liam Barbosa –

Vice-chairperson,  Adam Rustom –

Vice-chairperson,  Anders Skovborg –

Vice-chairperson,  Francis Komarek –

Environmental Council

Environmental Engineering

Chairperson,  Anna Arndisdottir Wulff –

Vice-chairperson,  Sivert Møklegård Pihl –

Vice-chairperson, Oleg Bjørn Klimenko Hertoft –

Danish-speaking student councils


Sisimiut Campus | Arctic Civil Engineering | Fisheries Technology | The Arctic Semester 



Architectural Engineering

B.Eng Architectural Engineering | B.Sc.Eng. Architechtural Engineering

Chairperson,  Kia Jespersen –

Vice-chairperson,  Teitur Heinesen –


Life Science Engineering | Biotechnology | Human Life Science

Chairperson,  Rolf Larsen –

Vice-chairperson,  Ida Sofie Goldschmidt –


B.Eng Civil Engineering

Chairperson,  Emil Iversen

Vice-chairperson,  Johan Rosenkrands –


Food Safety and Quality | Food Safety and Quality | Chemical Engineering and International Business

Chairperson,  Ea Quie Landgreen –

Vice-chairperson,  Karoline Broskov Skytthe –

Chemistry Council

Chemistry and Technology

Chairperson,  Tobias Bæk –

Vice-chairperson,  Rasmus Kold –

Civil Engineering

B.Sc.Eng Civil Engineering

Chairperson,  Elliot Palle Kristensen –

Vice-chairperson,  Marie Felmer Olsen –


Design and Innovation | Data Science and Management | B.Sc.Eng Mechanical Engineering

Chairperson,  Tjalfe Chessni –

Vice-chairperson,  Jakob Johannes Høyer Madsen –


Electrical Energy Technology | Electrical Engineering | B.Eng. Computer Engineering | IT and Economics | Software Technology | Healthcare Technology

Chairperson,  Mads Gjeraae Eichler Hansen –

Vice-chairperson,  Thomas Nielsen –


Design of Sustainable Energy Systems | Cyber Technology | Electrical Engineering | B.Sc.Eng. Computer Engineering

Chairperson,  Anders Kirkeby Strøbæk –

Vice-chairperson,  Morten Hay Sørensen –


BEng Mechanical Engineering

Chairperson,  Ida Marie H. Johansen –

Vice-chairperson,  Jacob Rasmus Thorsen – 


Biomedical Engineering | Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling

Chairperson,  Anna Victoria Vejlsby –

Vice-chairperson,  Olivia Ngoc Ulrich Nielsen –

Physics Council

Physics and Nanotechnology | Earth and Space Physics and Engineering

FysIng Chairperson,  Sarah Vestergaard –

FysIng Vice-chairperson,  Mette Hillsersborg Jørgensen –

Space Chairperson,  Laura Asta Ejsing –

Space Vice-chairperson,  Buster Astrup Eriksen –


Mobility, Transport and Logistics | Process and Innovation | Manufacturing and Management

Chairperson,  Jonas Bennich –

Vice-chairperson,  Laurits Jürs Hahn –


Artificial Intelligence and Data | Mathematics and Technology | Software Technology

KID Chairperson,  Karl Meisner-Jensen –

MatTek Chairperson,  Helene Moesgaard –

Software Chairperson,  Hans Henrik Hermansen –

Last updated: March 10, 2024