The Joint Council

Fællesrådet (The Joint Council, abbreviated “FR”) is the supreme body of PF. FR is capable of making the overall decisions for PF, such as approval of committees, student representatives for DTU’s boards and councils and PF’s budget.

FR consists of 2-3 students from each Student Coucil, and PF’s Board also attends all meetings. FR meets around once every month.

Praktisk information for FR

Skabelon til fuldmagt

Skabelon Beskeder

Skabelon til bilag (standard)

Skabelon til bilag – Opstillinggrundlag

Skabelon til diskussionsoplæg eller beslutningsgrundlag

Skabelon til vedtægtsændring eller lovforslag

How to Dirigent til FR

How to Referent til FR

Last updated: March 4, 2018