Mission and Visions


PF represents the students’ interests in all aspects of their education and life as a student.
The association offers a wide selection of activities for the benefit of all DTU students. The association operates in three areas:

The academical

The association works to ensure and improve the quality of DTU educations. PF represent the students in DTU’s major organs. PF also works for higher quality engineering education.

The social

The association work to ensure and improve the study environment at DTU, as well as the general living and housing conditions for the students. PF also run “S-huset” , a gathering place meant for all students, regardless of interests.

The political

The association helps to put engineering students’ academic and study environmental interests on the agenda, locally and nationally. The association is involved in setting the agenda for the future of engineering education and their role in society.

PF is run by the students for the students. The association consists of volunteers who work together to improve the everyday life of students at DTU.

The PF Board 2022

Every year the PF board prepares their visions for the association. They can be read here:

Last updated: February 27, 2023