Terms of Use

The right to ask for a study card and to reject non-DTU students has always existed in the S-Huset. This is based on the fact that S-Huset and its facilities are for the DTU students and not people who are not affiliated with DTU or PF. This right also applies DTU's Secuirty when it comes to the use of DTU's facilities and campus in general. Ergo follows PF and S-Huset completely the same rules as university, of which we are a large integral part.

S-Huset has experienced some situations, where DTU students had to be rejected due to crowded premises (both for parties with and without tickets). Situations where persons, who these events are target to, are excluded from the event because of a lack of capacity, is not something PF is interested in. PF takes care of the interests of DTU students and arranges social, political and professional events for them, which are often done through S-Huset. If you are a DTU student, graduated DTU student, PF member, resident at a PKS college, resident at Andelskollegiet Kollegiebakken or employee at DTU or PF, you are affiliated with DTU and therefore naturally have the right to participate in the activities, S-Huset offers.

If you want to bring a person who is not directly connected to DTU, it is possible to contact S-Huset at “shus@pf.dk”, whereby it will be assessed whether there is room in the event in question. Graduated DTU students can use their old study cards as valid identification in the door, while non-DTU students residing in a PKS college or Andelskollegiet Kollegiebakken must present valid health insurance and matching picture ID in the door.

Last updated: February 7, 2020