Privacy Policy

When you sign up for a membership to Polyteknisk Forening (PF) you entrust us with some of your information. We view this as a great responsibility and take steps to protect your information and to give you control over them.

PF looks after the interests of the students in all aspects of their education and life as students. The association offers a wide array of activities to the benefit of students at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The purpose of this privacy policy is to understand what information we collect, why and how you can update, administrate and delete your information.

Information that PF collects

When you sign up for a PF membership

When you sign up for a PF membership, we ask you to send us some personal data. This data consists of:

  • Study program
  • Student number
  • First and middle name
  • Surname
  • Gender
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Birthday
  • Expected month and year of graduation
  • Year of admission and whether you began in the spring or the fall

If you choose to sign up for a membership in The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), we will ask you to supply your CPR number. We will then send this and the rest of the personal data in encrypted form to IDA.

PF stores your CPR number for a maximum of 1 week before it is deleted from our systems.

If you sign up for PF as a part of the study start, we will collect your student number from DTU.

When you sign up for a committee within PF

When you sign up for a committee, student council, or the like within PF, we will receive that information. This will be added as a note to the personal data we have on you, in the member database.

How is the data we collect used

Member database

The main purpose of collecting your personal data is, to create and maintain a database of all active members of Polyteknisk Forening.

This database is necessary to check whether you are a member of the association. We do this in regards to special offers and discounts at different events, as well as to offer other advantages to our members.

To create statistics of the members of the association

As we are an association that could not exist without you and your fellow students, we will sometimes use the member database, to create statistics over our members. This includes which study programmes are represented, if members are B.Sc or B.Eng students, age groups and the like.

These statistics are anonymized and only used internally in the association, with DTU and our partners.

Especially regarding the introduction trip

PF is responsible for organizing and holding DTU’s introduction trips. PF aspire to hold the best possible introduction trip for all participants. As such, if you sign up for the introduction trip, we will ask you to supply some more personal information, than if signing up for PF. These include:

  • Allergies
  • Special dietary requirements (Vegetarian, vegan)
  • Other information you find relevant for us to know

The purpose of collecting this data is, to tailor the introduction trip specifically to your needs, which includes serving food that you are able to eat. As such, the data will be shared with the Coordinators of the Bachelor Study Start (KABS), vectors (intro tutors) and the cooking team for the rus trip.

Because of that, you might be contacted by KABS, if they have questions in regards to your sign up to the introduction trip.

This data will not be saved in the member database and will be deleted right after the end of the introduction trips.

If you sign up for the introduction trip without signing up for a PF membership, we will still collect the same data as when signing up for PF. The difference is, that we will delete this data right after the end of the introduction trips.

Options and obligations

Protection of personal data

We keep your personal data on servers and computers with limited access. These are placed in controlled facilities. We have safeguards in place, that control whether your personal data is handled responsibly, concerning your rights.

In short that means, that PF stores your personal data confidentially.

Should you wish to lodge a complaint you can do so with Datatilsynet, which is the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Insight in data

Should you wish to know what data we have registered about you, in our member database, you can contact us via As we take good care of your data, you will be asked to identify yourself, before we disclose any data.

Updating data

If the information we have on you is incorrect, if you move, get a new e-mail or the like, you can always request the data be updated by contacting us via

Deleting data

Should you wish to be deleted entirely from our database, please contact us via Subsequently, all personal data we have on you will be erased.

Contact information for the association

Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Building 101 E
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Phone. +45 7742 4444
CVR: 55988919

Contact information for the GDPR responsible of the association

Name: Jacob Birkjær Marcussen
Phone. +45 7742 4497

Last updated: March 9, 2023