Polyteknisk Forening collaborates with a number of companies and organisations to improve the student conditions at DTU and to strengthen the contact between students and industry among other things.

We want to offer our members academically based events that can add perspective and inspiration to our education as well as student life. Additionally, we support efforts to spread the positive view on engineers and make engineering educations more attractive.

The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA

PF and IDA has a natural partnership, as PF works to improve the conditions for engineering students at DTU, while IDA works for engineering graduates in Denmark.
If you join PF, you will also automatically become a a student member in IDA for free, and you will thereby gain access to both IDA's and PF's benefits such as cheap insurance. IDA also offers many different academical and social events, both on and off DTU campus.

Danske Bank

The partnership with Danske Bank focuses on the expertise that Danske Bank can offer students at DTU. Besides good banking deals for studettns, Danske Bank has experts within many relevant fields. Because of this, PF and Danske Bank hosts a number of academical events about topics such as entrepreneurship, student economy and purchase of property. The partnership started in 2016.

Engineer the Future

PF is a partner in Engineer the Future, which is an organisation working to increase the focus on engineers in order to get more people to realise that the technical sciences are incredibly exciting. PF's role in this partnership is to tell interesting stories from the life as an engineering student.

Last updated: November 11, 2017