Geo- & Astrophysical Union of Space Students (GAUSS)

GAUSS is the master student council for anybody who studies something related to space, geoscience, mapping or remote sensing. If you’re searching for a place to meet new people, have a great time and make a difference along the way, this is the place to do it!

As a master student council, we focus our efforts on :

  • Representing students at DTU Space
  • Making social & networking events for students
  • Improving the study environment at DTU Space
  • Inviting relevant companies to do talks and other events at DTU
  • Representing master students in PF

We have meetings of a approximately 1-2hrs once a month.


Find our meetings summons on our Facebook page or in GAUSS ( 

Constitutional Meeting

An extraordinary constitutional meeting, to give the opportunity to new students starting in the Spring 2023 semester to be a member of our study council, takes place on constitutional meeting on Monday, 25th of September in B348.   The plan is:  17:15 – Dinner,  18:00 – Meeting.

To sign up, look here, for the agenda, please click here


GAUSS was created in September of 2020 and was the first master student council in PF. In spite of COVID-19, the council grew from 10 members in 2020 to 16 members in February 2021. In the fall semester of 2021, we grew to 28 members and arranged 3 events.


Your can contact our chairman on or via or our Facebook page

Last updated: September 8, 2023