PF words and abbreviations

If you’re new to DTU or PF, there are many different abbreviations for various committees, councils etc. Most of them only make sense in Danish, making everything even more confusing. The list below is meant as a help with the translation of all these PF words and abbreviations – and if you stumble upon an abbreviation that is not on the list, don’t hesitate to write to!

Word/abbreviation (DK)Translation
AUS (Afdelingen for uddannelse og studerende)Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs
BachelorstuderendeBachelor of Science (B.Sc)
Bxx (eg. B22)The Board of PF year xx (eg. year 2022)
CASCampus Service
DiplomingeniørstuderendeBachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)
DSF (Danske Studerendes Fællesråd)Danish Students’ Organisation
FagligudvalgetAcademic Committee
FAKU (Forpersonernes Aktivitets og Koordinerings Udvalg)The council for chair persons of the PF Student Councils
ForeningsformandPresident of PF
FRR (Forretningsrådet)
FR (Fællesrådet)The Joint Council (or PF’s Parliament)
HytteturCabin trip
IDAThe Society of Danish Engineers
ISN (Institutstudienævn)Study Board
JointJoint (a concert)
KABS (Koordinatorerne af BachelorStudiestarten)Coordinators of the undergraduate introduction programme
Kaffestuen (S-Huset)Kaffestuen (meaning: the coffee lounge)
KagemødeLunch meeting (with cake!)
Kælderbaren (S-Huset)Kælderbaren (meaning: the cellar bar)
Pejsestuen (S-Huset)Pejsestuen (meaning: the fireplace lounge)
PF FagligPF Academic
PF HUMORThe group responsible for arranging the PF Revue
PF Master StudentsThe group responsible for arranging events for master students
PF PolitiskPF Political
PF SocialPF Social
PF SocializeA group aiming to create social events without alcohol
PF SekretariatetThe PF Secretariat
Politisk GruppePolitical Group
Polyteknisk ForeningPolyteknisk Forening (meaning: polytechnical association)
RusbogenIntroduction Booklet
S-HusetThe Student House (or S-Huset)
Socialpolitisk udvalg (SPU)The Sociopolitical Committee
StudiemiljøStudy environment
StudierådStudent council
StudiestartStudy Start
VektorVector (intro guide)
Last updated: July 21, 2022