S-Huset is the collective name of PF’s student houses, where a lot of socialising takes place. S-Huset runs several cafés, where coffee, sandwiches and snacks are sold at student-friendly prices. With pool tables and games, it is the place be be after the day’s work.
S-Huset also hosts parties and concerts – both smaller Friday Rock concerts and “Joints”, where popular bands such as Magtens Korridorer, Djämes Braun, Dr. Bombay and Duné has played.

Find your S-Hus

S-Huset in Lyngby can be found in building 101, entrance E. In S-Huset you will find the PF secretariat, Kaffestuen (The Coffee Lounge), Pejsestuen (The Fireplace Lounge), Læsesalen (The Study Hall) and Kælderbaren (The Cellar Bar).
S-Huset in Ballerup is located on the first floor above the canteen – right next to the library.

If you forgot something in S-Huset

  • Minor items of value (jewelry, cell phones, wallets etc.) can be reclaimed at the PF secretariat.
  • Larger items of value, such as laptops, can be reclaimed in the Coffee Lounge.
  • Non-valuables and clothes can be found at the coat rack outside the Cellar Bar.
  • In Ballerup all lost items is kept in S-Huset.

Last updated: January 24, 2018