PF has a secretariat on each campus, where you can get help and answers to almost any question you might have. Among other things we can help you with:

  • Becoming a member of PF or IDA
  • Copying, printing and binding
  • Booking of meeting rooms
  • Forgotten items
  • Applications for study cells
  • Accident insurance
  • Sign up for rus trip
  • Poster mounting

At the secretariat in Lyngby you will find our secretary as well as a member of the board, and we are open all weekdays. Once a week our accountant will also be present.

At the secretariat in Ballerup a member of the board will be present on Wednesdays and Fridays from 09.00-13.00.


Sometimes you have expenses on behalf of PF related to events etc. When you need your expenses reimbursed, you need to fill out an expense sheet. You can download it here (in Danish) or find it at the secretariat.

Annex of expensive

Marianne Juncker

Contact Information:

+45 77 42 44 44

Marianne Lyngby 


Last updated: February 9, 2022