There are many different communities at DTU and in PF. Below you can see the overview of some of them.

DTU Feministisk Forum

The purpose of the DTU Feministisk Forum is to create a space where students can express their thoughts and any problems surrounding being a student at DTU. We hope to be able to contribute to increasing equality at DTU through campaigns, external presentations and experience sharing.

They usually hold their forum in DTU SkyLab on the second Monday of the month.

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The goal of DTU's LGBTQ+ Group is to create a strong and visible LGBTQ+ community on campus. They organize cozy meetings, pub crawls, dinners and much more, where everyone is welcome.

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VÁS - Færøreske studerende på DTU

Endamálið við DTU VÁS er at styrkja samanhaldið millum føroysk lesandi á Danmarks Tekniska Fróðskaparasetur, bøta um føroyska trivnaðin og skipa fyri sosialum tiltøkum. Haraftrat miðar felagið eftir, at virka fyri størri útbreiðslu av náttúruvísindi í tí føroyska samfelagnum.


DTU VÁS formål er at styrke sammenholdet mellem færøske studerende på Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, samt at forbedre færingernes trivsel og stå for sociale arrangementer. Yderligere tilstræber foreningen sig også at virke for større naturvidenskabelig udbredelse i det færøske samfund.


The purpose of DTU VÁS is to strengthen the bond among Faroese students at the Technical University of Denmark and to improve the well-being of Faroese individuals, as well as to organize social events. Furthermore, the association also aims to promote a greater dissemination of natural sciences in the Faroese society.

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MSA - Muslim Student Association på DTU

Mission: Our club aims to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds under a shared
community, promoting community development based on Islamic principles of
justice, equality, freedom, peace, and brotherhood/sisterhood. With a focus on
inclusivity, we provide an environment for students to explore and practice Islam
while fostering connections and contributing to campus life.
Inclusivity and Education: Embracing inclusivity, respect, and understanding, we
welcome students from various Islamic traditions and cultural backgrounds. Our
goal is to create a safe, supportive space where everyone feels valued. We also
reach out to non-Muslims, aiming to educate them about Islam, debunk
misconceptions, and promote interfaith dialogue for greater acceptance and unity.
Activities and Growth: Nurturing holistic development, we offer diverse activities and
initiatives for personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth. From religious and cultural
celebrations to educational programs, we strive to deepen understanding, address
contemporary issues, and make a positive impact on society.


Dansk-Japansk Sprogfællesskab

DTU Japanese Danish Language Exchange
Join the DTU Japanese-Danish Language Exchange, a community for students fascinated by Japanese and Danish cultures and languages. Engage in informal conversations with native speakers, sharing language tips and cultural insights. Our community thrives on member-driven ideas and casual interactions. Stay in the loop for impromptu meet-ups and connect with fellow language enthusiasts. Let's celebrate the joy of language learning together!
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MÅSKE: START Copenhagen 

START Copenhagen is currently in its project phase and is part of the broader START Network, a European community of student-run chapters dedicated to supporting and empowering startups and entrepreneurs. Our ambition is to connect, inspire, and enable individuals interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

The START Network is a student initiative that originated in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where the first chapter, START Global, was created. Today, the Network has expanded to encompass chapters located in major European cities and on university campuses across Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, and many more. Our collective objective is to create an ecosystem where startups can thrive, gain access to resources, and collaborate on an international scale. We firmly believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and actively engage with startups, organizations, and institutions to achieve our mission.

START Global provides essential support and guidance for local chapters like START Copenhagen. It serves as the central hub for knowledge sharing, resource allocation, and global coordination. START Global's dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation knows no boundaries, actively facilitating collaboration among chapters to create a truly global ecosystem for startups. More about START Global on their website:




Last updated: February 12, 2024