The Board and their aides

The board of Polyteknisk Forening acts as the daily management of the association. The board typically consists of seven to ten students and is elected for one year with accession in February.

Mikkel Berrig Rasmussen

President of PF Ph. 77 42 44 90 Responsibilities: -Press and Media debate - Commemoration Party - Alumni - IDA STEM Students - DSE and IDA contact

Lucas Venge Eilsborg

Vice President of PF & Coordinator of Educational Politics Ph. 77 42 44 91 Responsibilities: - Chairperson of the Academic Committee - DSF, Educational Policy Committee - Academic Council - PF Humor - Institutes Study Board (ISN) - CUU & DUU contact

Xandra Huryn

Chief Financial Officer Ph. 77 42 44 92 Responsibilities: - Economics - Human Resources - Employees - Volunteers - Accounting - Foundations - Exam Cafés

Martin Saxen

President of S-Huset Ph. 77 42 44 95 Responsibilities: - The Student House (S-Huset) - Commemoration Party - Joints - Booking & Events - CREW - Volunteer Parties - Housing

Anna Hjort Danielsen

Coordinator of Politics and Association Developer Ph. 77 42 44 94 Responsibilities: - Development of the association - Chairperson of the Political Group - Chairperson of international committee - Overall facilities manager - Ballerup - National Politics - National Union of Students in DK - Joint council Executive Committee (FRFU) - Election and Constitution Committee (VOKU) - Inclusion and diversity - Campi beyond Lyngby and Ballerup - PF Archives

Linnea de Leon

Coordinator of Social Politics Ph. 77 42 44 93 Responsibilities: - Chairperson of the Sociopolitical Committee - Study Environment Committee - PF Nomination Committee - Something-for-Something Foundation - The Bachelor Study Start - Inclusion and diversity - DSF Welfare and Social Affairs Committee - Contact person for offensive behavior - GDPR

The Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee is a group of volunteers who assist the Board. Both with the daily running of the association as well as with projects and ad-hoc tasks. Members of CC are elected continously, for a period that ends when the current boards retires.

Nete Sparre Hangel Ph. Responsibilities: - Study Start 24

Anders Strøbæk Ph. Responsibilities: - Club President

The PR group

The PR Group takes care of all PR for PF and S-Huset on behalf of the current board.

The PR Group can be contacted at: og


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Last updated: March 28, 2024