PF has influence on several non-profit foundations with the purpose of improving the conditions of the student life at DTU. If you as PF volunteer want to apply for support from companies or other foundations, be sure to contact the CFO of PF first to ensure coordination between all the applications.

Den studentersociale fond

Den Studentersociale Fond (“The Student-social foundation”) of Polyteknisk Forening aims to provide grants to events or ongoing activities with student social aims. The board of the foundation consists of four members. The president of PF is chairman of the foundation’s board. Furthermore, two members from the ruling PF board are appointed. The last member of the board of the foundation is  appointed by the President of DTU.

Applications to Den Studentersociale Fond must be delivered to the PF secretariat or sent to the chairman of the fond at The board of the foundation meets four times a year (January, April, June, October). Next deadline is October 1th, 2021 at 12:00pm.


Noget-for-Noget fonden (the “This-for-That Foundation) was created in collaboration with DTU. You can apply to the foundation if you are a DTU student and want to improve the study environment, primarily with physical and permanent study environment improvements.

The foundation is a pool of money that DTU each year dedicates to repairing and cleaning up after the students if we do not clean up after ourselves, or if we perform any kind of vandalism. When we, the students, instead have treated the study environment well, and Campus Service (CAS) therefore does not need to use all of the money, all DTU students get the possibility of benefitting from the foundation. The concept This-for-That thus builds on the premise that if we students give something to DTU (care for the study environment), we can also get something back.

You can apply for funding from the foundation by sending an application to The application should include details about the project and an amount of money that you need. Notice that the project should be administrated by students. Applications will be processed four times a year at the DTU Study Environment Committee (Studiemiljøudvalget), which consits of representatives from PF, lecturers, CAS, AUS, the DTU Executive Board and many other DTU bodies.


FAKU-Puljen (The FAKU-pool) is a pool of funds available for PF’s Student Councils. The pool is designed to support new initiatives and cover unexpected expenses for the benefit of DTU’s students. The foundation is not intended individuals or small groups.

The pool can be applied by filling out a form at the PF secretariat. FAKU (The Chairs’ Activity and Coordination Committee) meets monthly, however, applications for FAKU-Puljen will only be addressed at the meetings in October, February and June.


The Klubpulje (PF’s Club Pool) can be applied by the PF clubs to activities, such as events or new furniture. The foundation can be requested by writing to the chairman of the club committee, which is always a member of the PF board. See who here.

Last updated: August 31, 2021