PF Dorm Cooking

PF Dorm Cooking

The purpose of the club is to make knowledge about cheap, easy and at the same time delicious food more available to students. We do this though sharing of recipes on google drive and through different cooking events/social “cookouts”.


The club tries to be inclusive towards all students, no matter background, nationality, dietary habits or cooking skills. We know students are often “strapped for cash”, so the club focuses on cheap and easy food. We realize many new students might never have cooked or followed a recipe in their lives; This club tries to help students find their way in the kitchen and to help each other as a community.


We want to create an open community about making and enjoying food. We will of course still have a few bar crawls, but the main idea is to have fun cooking and eating i.e. focusing on cozy and inclusive aspects rather than partying.


Does this sound like something for you? Then just fill out this membership form and join us!


If you want to think about it, just want the recipes or don’t want to be an active part of the club, you can find the recipes in the following link. If you already know you would never come to an event or take part in the discussion this is the link for you:


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Public Facebook page:

Last updated: May 9, 2021