Afdelingen for Træ og Metal (ATM)

English: Department of Wood and Metal

The ATM club is a large and well-equipped workshop located at DTU for both wood and metal working. As a member of the ATM club, you have access to a large collection of tools, machinery, and materials that you can use to build your personal projects. The friendly atmosphere of the ATM club will surely inspire and help you with your next wood or metal project.

The price is 150 kr. per semester (300 kr for ex-students). Visit our website and contact us at

Wood workshop tools:
▪ Circular table saw
▪ Planer/thicknesser
▪ Band saw
▪ Wood lathe
▪ Hand tools
▪ And many more…

Metal workshop tools:
▪ Milling machine
▪ Metal lathe
▪ Drill press
▪ Band saws
▪ MIG/MAG, TIG welders
▪ And many more…

Wood workshop
Metal workshop
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