The Polytechnic Association’s Nomination Committee (Indstillingsudvalget)

As part of the sociopolitical committee’s work revolves around student housing, nine people from the committe as well as the coordinator of sociopolitics are chosen to be a part of the Polytechnic Association’s Nomination Committee (PFIU).

PFIU sets the criterias of recommendation and dispensation for the 7 dorms at and around DTU campus, a total of about 1740 rooms. Each dorm has a representative sitting in the committee. Furthermore, PFIU is tasked with keeping up with the housing politics and ensuring the best housing circumstances for students. 


Are you not living up to the criterias for living at a PKS dorm or is it impossible for you to get housing? Some people have a bigger need for housing than others because of illness or other things that are not noted as you apply for housing. You can therefore apply for dispensation through PFIU to get a little extra help.

Dispensations are only considered, if one of the following forms is filled out:

Dispensation form for people living at a PKS dorm 

Dispensation form for people not living at a PKS dorm

This procedure has been made to ensure each application is processed fairly, and the decision can be made based on the right information. Dispensations must be sent to in pdf- or word-format, where they will then be processed. Dispensations handed in on paper are not accepted.

Deadline for the next application deadline is:
4. October 2021 – kl 23:59.

Phone hours

The Nomination Committee has phone hours approximately once a month. Typically placed about a week before the deadline. The next two phone hour time slots are:

  • 4th of October, 2021 – 5 pm to 7 pm

The number is: 77 42 43 99


We hope to be able to answer as many as your questions, therefore we have also made an FAQ to help.
You can find it here: FAQ

Last updated: September 13, 2021