Wind Energy Student Association

WESA is the Wind Energy Student Association at DTU, where the wind crew of DTU gets together on a regular basis.

We in WESA come from all wind energy related study lines at DTU including the full two-year ’Wind Energy Master’, the ’Sustainable Energy Master - Wind Energy Track’, the ’European Wind Energy Master’, the ’Nordic Five Tech (N5T)- ISEE ’, and the ’Dual Degree Wind Master’ between DTU and Kaist.
Additionally students from relevant study lines that show great interest to wind energy are welcomed and represented. We come from different backgrounds and nationalities and we share the aim for a greener future and tackle the increasing global energy demand together.

What are WESAs goals?

  1. To establish a network within the students at DTU that are interested in wind energy
  2. To create the best study environment for our students at DTU
  3. To establish a relation between the students and the wind energy industry

And how do we do that?

Throughout the year we share relevant information about wind energy with our members. We organise events for and always with a great help of our members. Those can be on a social or professional level:

  • we inform each other on courses in the beginning of the semester,
  • we do start-of-the-semester events where everyone can get to know each other and end-of-the-semester parties to celebrate the vacation (Christmas party and summer barbecue)
  • and finally we invite companies to DTU and arrange trips to their facilities to get to know the wind world better.

A WESA member can expect to meet the other wind students in another environment than in the classroom and get insights into the wind industry.

For students (Bachelor/Master/PhD)

Are you a student interested in wind energy and share our goals? Join us!
For details about registration go to, contact (Keyword ’Student Registration’) or talk to us directly at university.
We are looking forward to having you on board!

For companies/others

Are you interested in a partnership/collaboration with WESA? Contact us with your initiative on (Keyword ’Partnership/Collaboration’).
We are open for partners in the industry and in research.


For any other requests, please contact us on and check out our website:, where you can find out more about us.

Follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram (#wesawind).

We are looking forward to meeting you!
With the best wishes,
WESA - Wind Energy Student Association

Last updated: October 17, 2018