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The Software Technology, Mathematics & Technology and Artificial Intelligens and Data study council (S/M-KID-council) consists of approximately 70 members across the study lines. We meet once every month where we typically are 40-50 members present. We always aim at having a cosy atmosphere at the meetings which is why we eat dinner together before the meetings, and typically also enjoy some delicious cake.

We focus on giving the students at the associated study lines the best possible social study environment. We do this by arranging a lot of social events such as Christmas-party, easter-dinner, all girls dinner, cabin trips and other events that the members feel like hosting. Furthermore, we work with different companies arranging more academic events that are relevant for our associated students. These events usually also includes networking sessions.

If you are interested in seeing all of the cool stuff we do, then go and like our facebook page “S/M-KID Rådets Infoside”. We try to keep everyone updated here.

Are you studying one of the relevant study lines and do you also want to make a difference for our students, then join the counsel. It is always okay to show up at one of our meetings to see if it is something for you. You can either contact your vector or write an email to either s153569@student.dtu.dk or s164202@student.dtu.dk and then we will tell you when and where our next meeting is held. The dates can also be seen below and as we approach the meeting the agenda and location will also be posted.

Best Regards
Viktor Stenby Johansson and Toke Bøgelund-Andersen
Presidents of the S/M-KID Council 2020.

Upcomming meetings:

November 20th
Location: Meeting center building 101, room TBA

January 8th
Location: Meeting center building 101, room TBA

February 6th
Location: Meeting center building 101, room TBA

Last updated: November 7, 2019