C. Chemistry Council

The C. Chemistry Council is a study council for the bachelor study programme Chemistry and technology and the two master degrees Advanced and Applied Chemistry and Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. There are around 38 students in the council representing all three educations.

The council arranges different events trough the year e.g. a Chemistry Barcrawl, a Chemistry Inspiration Evening, a Christmas lunch, bingo evening and a cabin trip

Our meetings are held once a month, though not during vacations. We always love to see new faces 😊 The calendar for spring 2021 can be seen below. The meeting starts at 18:00 and there will be communal before from 17:15 to 18:00. If the meeting is online, a zoom link will be present in the agenda. Please contact our council chairman or our facebook page if you want to attend or have any questions.

Chairman of the council is Asbjørn Everland, he can be contacted on email  Everland@pf.dk
The councils Facebook page: facebook.com/ckemiraadet
Kind regards from all the members of the civil chemistry council!

Meeting calendar fall 2021

Wednesday the 27th of October – Meeting room Bravo (Pf-hallway)
Agenda can be found here

Wednesday the 17th of november at 17.15  in room Alpha (Pf-hallway) 
Agenda can be found here

Mødekalender spring 2021

Wednesday the 12th of January at 17.30  in room Charlie (Pf-hallway) 
Agenda will be out at a later date

Wednesday the 2nd of February at 17.15  in room Charlie (Pf-hallway), where there will på helt an additional konstitution
Agenda can be found here


Meeting with constitution: Wednesday the 6th of October 

Last updated: January 18, 2022