c. Biotechnology and Human Life Science

Biorådet consist of students from the two study programmes Human Life Science and Biotechnology. We are around 15 active student members at the moment from different years which gives us a wide range of experience. The past year we have been working with finding our new identity as we went from being the KBioM counsil consisting of Chemistry & Technology, Human Life Scince and Biotechnology to being Biorådet. We have continued so far to arrange social events together however this coming year we are looking for the possibility to create social relations with other study programmes.

Biorådet arrange different social events such as christmas dinner, cabin trips and SenSommerFest. Academic we have been working on establishing a volunteer study café which we hope we will see become a success this coming fall. We are also represented in the institute councils of Food, Vet, Bioengieering and Bioinformatics where we contribute with the students views and knowlegde to ensure our influence on our education.

We have a meeting once a month except during finals and summer break. If you sign up for a meeting there will be food before the meeting and cake during the break. If you want to know more you are welcome to ask your vector, our two chairmen or ask them on our facebook page. It is also on our facebook you can keep track on coming events and meetings: www.facebook.com/bioraadet

Formand Biotek 2017: Peter Bing Svendsen, s163686@student.dtu.dk
Formand TBM 2017: Philip Hau Sørensen, philiphs0905@gmail.com

Last updated: May 31, 2018