Biocouncil – C. Biotechnology and C. Human Life Science Engineering

The Biocouncil is composed of the two study lines Human Life Science Engineering and Biotechnology. We are around 30 active members from different years, which gives the council a solid foundation to give both study lines the opportunity to improve and renew the education so they match the current and future requirements for engineers.

The Biocouncil arranges several social events for the students, such as Cabin trips and SenSommerFesten. Academically we have been working in high gear to get a voluntary study café (Ketonen) up and running. It has been running successfully for 2 years now. We are also represented in many different parts of DTU and PF, such as the Institute Study Boards for Healthtech, Chemistry and Bioengineering, where our competent student representatives bring the students views and wishes to the discussion regarding our education.

The Biocouncil hold a meeting approximately once a month during the semester. By registration one can join dinner before the meeting and there will be cake during the break. The summons, including the agenda, can be found beneath:

Summons for council meeting

Hello Biocouncil!

It is time for another meeting and I have some good news! We can once again have a physical meeting! We don’t know where the meeting will be yet, but I sill write it as soon as we know. There is also a chance that we get acces to the pf-kitchen, so if you would like to cook with me or bake a cake, then write to me. I will also send out a message when we know whether we have the kitchen, and whether there will be dinner before the meeting 🙂

Date: Wednesday 16/06-2021 at 18:00
Location: S01 meeting centre


  • cooks
    • Rolf
  • cake
    • maybe
  • readers of minutes:
    • Nanna, Rolf , Anders og Elisa
  • Entertainment:
    • Jakob

Agenda Link

Minutes from last meeting:   link

Zoom: link

Best regards Rolf and Anders.

Chairman of the Biocouncil 2020/21: Rolf Glenny Mogensen,

Last updated: June 13, 2021