B.Eng. Process & Innovation and Manufacturing & Management

The PiP-counsel is the student counsel for the Bachelor of Engineering programmes: Process & Innovation and Manufacturing & Management. We are a group of people who volunteer to make the study life easier and better for students studying there programmes, whether it is to strengthen social friendship on the directions or to improve the courses, so the students gets the most from the lessons.

The counsel is new and currently it consists of 16 constituent members. Some members from the counsel is also represented in more of Polyteknisk Forenings counsels to tell our opinions and hereby influence the things that happen at DTU. In the counsel we occupy us self with many different things, among other things as arrange cabin trip, Christmas lunch and PIP-party in Verners. Among that, there is also space to discuss courses and bring some suggestion to improve the lessons.

In the counsel, you have a great opportunity to influent you daily life as a student at DTU. As member of the counsel, you can extend your social network across the directions and semesters which can be used for exchanging professional experience.
We have a meeting every month, either in lunch break or as an evening meeting. The meetings are held at DTU Ballerup.

If you are interested to be a member of the counsel, you can contact the chairman:
Chairman 2019/2020: Anders Bagger Lindblom, 7th. Semester B.eng. Process & Innovation, Contactinfo: s175012@student.dtu.dk +45 3020 0091

Notice of Counsilmeetings: 

Everybody is welcome to participte at the PIP counsilmeeting, to see how it is usually conducted. Normally the meeting starts at 17.15 where we order some dinner and then the meeting starts.

September: Tuesday  15th,  17:15
Where?: The large meeting room, in the PF hallway in Ballerup.

September:  Wednesday 30th,  17:15
Where?: The large meeting room, in PF hallway in Ballerup.
This is a constitutional meeting.

Oktober:  Tuesday 27th, 17:15
Where?: The large meeting room, in PF hallway in Ballerup.
This is a constitutional meeting.

Last updated: October 7, 2020