B.Eng. Electrical, IT, IT-E and Healthcare

ELITØ represents following undergraduate programs (BEng): Electrical Engineering, Electrical Energy Engineering, IT and Economics, IT Electronics, Software Technology and Healthcare Technology. For the ”nerds” – and everbody else!

ELITØ is the student council for students who isn’t pleased with ”just” being a student. We consist of students with a surplus of energy, commitment, students with a desire to be where it happens and make a difference. We have representatives in DTU’s official study boards for DTU Electro, DTU Compute and DTU Diplom. We have a finger on the pulse in the quality assurance of our courses and our education.

Throughout the year, ELITØ host both social and professional events, such as cabin trips, tech talks and the annual recurring event Trappe (something concerning 24 steps and 24 beers) where students from all over DTU battle for the highest honor! Our cabin trips usually includes visits from companies, large amounts of ”hygge” and colorful costumes. Tech talks consists of companies presenting us for new technologies and professionalism with regard to student opportunities.

Whether you’re into student politics, debates, events or just looking for someone who understands you binary jokes, look no further. We have the place, means, unity and above all the ambitions – well at least once a month! We only need you!

ELITØ currently consists of 35 active members who meet once a month.
Chairwoman: Hildibjørg Didriksen, Hildibjorg@pf.dk

Treasurer: Magnus Stjernborg Koch, elitookonomi@gmail.com

Last updated: November 25, 2021