B.Eng Chemical and Food

Diplom Kemi- og Fødevarerådet is a student council at DTU. The student council covers the BEng programmes: ’Chemical and Bio Engineering’, ’Chemical Engineering and International Business’ and ’Food Safety and Quality’. We also have council members in chemistry-, chemistry technology- and the food institutes. Right now we are 25 members in the council.

We have meeting around once a month, excluding the exam period. The meetings are either on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 18:15 at Lyngby Campus. The meetings usually last between 2-3 hours, but it varies a lot.

If you are interested in coming to one of our meetings, then follow our Facebook page Diplom Kemi- og fødevarerådet , where the date of the meetings are posted. Or you are welcome to contact Chairman Regitze, at s143495@student.dtu.dk or vice chairman Philip, at s144068@student.dtu.dk

Last updated: May 31, 2018