MSc in Biomedical Engineering

The Master of Science Programme in Biomedical Engineering (BME, Medicine and Technology) is one of the BME programmes with the best biological focus in the world because the teachings take place both at Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby Campus (DTU) and at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Medical Sciences (UCPH). Students on the programme can work with and learn from some of the best research groups in the world in their fields.
MSc students in BME can choose to make a specialization in one of the following fields, or a combination 
  • Biomedical signal processing and model-based diagnostics
  • Medical radiation therapy and 
  • Biomaterials and biomechanics including drug-delivery systems
The MSc Programme in BME is very flexible, and it is the responsibility of the student to make a study plan from the many relevant courses. DTU and pf (the student organisation) welcome new master students, arrange social activities for newcomers, and assign each international student to a Buddy Group.
All new students on the master programme are invited to an intro-weekend (16. to 18. September) planned by fellow students. More information will be displayed here when available. If you are interested in planning/helping out with the planning of the trip, please feel free to contact Emma K. Bertelsen (
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